Monday, January 08, 2007

1st Post of Many

Alright, so its one of my resolutions to be more consistent in my blogging and keep all my wonderful clients and friends happy :)
So here is my first post of many to come!
During the month of December I had lots of photoshoots! I will start with Rebecca's Bridals. I just LOVE this girl! She is just the sweetest and most photogenic bride ever. Rebecca and Jake got married on December 26, so thier wedding day pics will post soon as well.

I was happy it was overcast because Rebecca's mom Jolene brought an umbrella, which turned out beautifully!

Just a gorgeous bride:

We even made our way down Main Street and got a mid-photoshoot hot dog:
Thanks so much Rebecca (Jake, and Jolene), good luck in California!


Jeff & Kerstin said...

She is absolutely breathtaking!
Great shots Jacque...your best so far!
Waiting for more!!!

Dustin Izatt said...

woo hoo, finally some new photos. Love the umbrella shot and the trax shot. Can't wait to see what other photographic masterpieces are awaiting us all!!!