Saturday, March 24, 2007

one. light. workshop.

Seriously, this is a HUGE deal to me! I had no idea how much a single light could change my work, but Zack Arias prooved that theory. This week I attended the One Light Workshop given by Zack Arias in Salt Lake City and it was incredible. You bet I have already ordered my own lighting rig to start using on my own clients!
Zack set up the lighting and we all took turns learning how to expose it correctly and how to use the rig ourselves, I loved the results!
I also got to see some great friends that I haven't seen in a while :)
The lighting guru himelf, Zack:
I couldn't believe how the sky looked in this image:


Kate & Rebekah

Monday, March 19, 2007

A little about M.E.

I though I would share a few recent pictures of my life :)

Logan and I have been snowboarding quite a bit this winter, and it is getting to be fantastic weather up there!

These were all taken with my point and shoot camera, which apparently is in need of being replaced

Logan's brother got married last weekend and the wedding was beautiful! I was a guest at a wedding for the first time in FOREVER and didn't even bring my camera. It was great!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

n i c o l e . b r e t t

A couple weeks ago I got to shoot Nicole & Brett's wedding, what a cute couple! I loved Nicole's bridals and knew that their wedding was going to be fun. Both of their families were on the dance floor the whole night and had a blast!
Some favorites:

Memory Grove:

Nicole's details were great:The DJ was a total hit and had everyone on the floor :) This was halarious!
Warning - Major cake smashing to follow:

Monday, March 05, 2007

Brandon & Tricia. B r i d a l s

Wow. Brandon and Tricia are a photographers dream! They are both extremely photogenic and beautiful. We were going to go to Red Butte gardens but the weather was pretty bad, so we decided to do a couple other places instead. Oh my, I am so glad we did!! The light was beautiful and just right for the situation. I can't wait for their wedding! These two were up for anything and we got some really fun shots...Here are a LOT of favorites :)

Tricia's beautiful smile:
I am in love with this image below:

Interesting story behind this next shot: I had them take their rings off to get it and as Tricia handed me her wedding band it slipped between the wood of the railing!!!! We all took a big gasp and then plotted a plan to rip apart the railing....about 30 minutes later we were able to get the ring back, thank goodness!
Beautiful ring, wow.

Tricia found a lady bug, we all decided it meant good luck :)
Thanks so much you guys, I am really excited for the wedding!