Monday, March 05, 2007

Brandon & Tricia. B r i d a l s

Wow. Brandon and Tricia are a photographers dream! They are both extremely photogenic and beautiful. We were going to go to Red Butte gardens but the weather was pretty bad, so we decided to do a couple other places instead. Oh my, I am so glad we did!! The light was beautiful and just right for the situation. I can't wait for their wedding! These two were up for anything and we got some really fun shots...Here are a LOT of favorites :)

Tricia's beautiful smile:
I am in love with this image below:

Interesting story behind this next shot: I had them take their rings off to get it and as Tricia handed me her wedding band it slipped between the wood of the railing!!!! We all took a big gasp and then plotted a plan to rip apart the railing....about 30 minutes later we were able to get the ring back, thank goodness!
Beautiful ring, wow.

Tricia found a lady bug, we all decided it meant good luck :)
Thanks so much you guys, I am really excited for the wedding!


Jeff & Kerstin said...

wow. wow. wow.
what a stunning couple!!

Great shooting Jacque dear!

Jami Broadbent said...

love the shot with the ring standing up inside the other. Kudos!