Saturday, March 24, 2007

one. light. workshop.

Seriously, this is a HUGE deal to me! I had no idea how much a single light could change my work, but Zack Arias prooved that theory. This week I attended the One Light Workshop given by Zack Arias in Salt Lake City and it was incredible. You bet I have already ordered my own lighting rig to start using on my own clients!
Zack set up the lighting and we all took turns learning how to expose it correctly and how to use the rig ourselves, I loved the results!
I also got to see some great friends that I haven't seen in a while :)
The lighting guru himelf, Zack:
I couldn't believe how the sky looked in this image:


Kate & Rebekah


Anna Page Photography said...

Wow, I love your version of Randy. It was nice seeing you again!

Rebekah said...

Killer shots! It's so cool to see everyone's stuff.

Kate Benson said...

Ummmm, I look a little SCARY on my pics...ugghhhhh! Other than that, nice job!

Mash said...

Incredible shots! I love the lighting!