Monday, February 19, 2007

Nicole's Bridals

Last week I had the opportunity to shoot Nicole's Bridals. It was such a warm day (as opposed to the blizzard I woke up to this morning), the sky was amazing! We started at the Salt Lake Library then headed over to the City Building

The staircase in the library is so beautiful, I love the architecture there:

Look at Nicole's incredible eyes:


nicole green said...

these are so great. i'm wity you on the staircase one. my boyfriend would go nuts taking pictures there. he's a huuuge fan of architecture and hopes photographing it will be his job one day. :)

nicole green said...

wow i can't type! i meant to say "i'm with you" haha

Mash said...

How awesome! I love the close up of Nicole's eyes with her flowers! All of them are great!! What a fun photo shoot! Even the weather was great!! Can't wait to see more of your amaizing work!! :o)

Jeff & Kerstin said...

wonderful wonderful!
what a beautiful bride!