Wednesday, April 11, 2007

b o u d o i r

Last week I got to do my first boudoir/"for his eyes only" session. It was honestly so fun! Kacey and Shelly are soon-to-be sisters in law and wanted to do some fun and flirty pictures for their husbands. We started out in a studio and finished up at Antelope Island.
(Note to photogs: There are more on OSP if you want to see a few more)
The girls had so many cute ideas and themes, I loved it!

Love this next one of Kacey as a gangsta gal:


Anna Page Photography said...

That last one is awesome! I can't believe thats your first boudior session!

Mash said...

Awesome shoot!! Can't choose a favorite!

Frances Egbert said...

what is the osp?