Monday, February 15, 2010

My Valentine

To my Valentine. I love you. I admire you, your strength, your dedication, your drive. I love the way you treat me, cherish me, adore my weaknesses, and my quirks. I love the way you remind me that Im everything you hoped for, that you love coming home to me at night, that you love to kiss me, and hold me close. I love that we rely on each other in life and we are strong together. I love that you take me golfing even though I frustrate the crap out of you when you do. I love that you allow my awful shopping habits and my impulsive decisions.... and keep me in check when Im out of control. I love the way you wiggle your fingers through mine when you want to hold my hand, put your hand on the small of my back when we walk through a door, and tell me you are proud to have me on your arm.
Best of all, I love that you are my husband and that you are mine forever.

Thank you, God, for this wonderful man I call my husband.

(Cheesy self portrait at dinner last night, but I love it )


Lenni said...

You, my friend, are adorable. :) And Logan is one lucky, lucky man.

Skyler and Bethany Dyer said...

haha you did a dedication to your valentine too!! haha you two are a very cute couple!