Friday, July 21, 2006

Train Station

Yesterday I shot again with Dustin Izatt for Angie and Brad's engagements. They are so adorable! They were a referral from James and Jamie's wedding, that is how they met.
Brad was a little shy with the concept at first, but I think we got him to warm up :o) :

25th Street in Ogden

I was so in love with this train station, I had never been here before:

This little train cart was so cute, I couldn't pass it up

Angie has the most beautiful honey colored eyes:

Thanks Angie and Brad, it was a pleasure to shoot you and maybe I will see you in Zion! Congratulations!

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Angie Neish said...

We would love to have you in Zions! You have such a good eye for creative poses & backgrounds! You were a lot of fun to work with! Thanks. ~Angie & Brad