Friday, June 22, 2007

Could it really be here??

So, Im sure most of you photographers know what this is... but for those people that dont... ITS A SHOOTSAC!!! I have been wating for something like this for quite some time. It is a lens bag developed by the photographer I admire most, Jessica Claire. She developed this bag for photographers who carry lots of lenses and are constantly switching them. The bag makes for easy access and a quick change so you 'never miss a shot' :). Best of all... Its FASHIONABLE! You can buy covers to fit your mood. If you want your own, check them out HERE.
Mine came yesterday:
Bobbi is 'giddy' about our shootsac!

Cant wait to use it!


nicole green said...

i got mine in the mail yesterday too! i was so excited that i was going to be able to use it today for an engagement shoot but it got rained out! i was SO bummed. :(

i'm jealous of the covers you got. i just got the plain bag for now but i'm trying to decide what cover to get. :D

Alisha said...

I just can't get over how dang cute your puppy is ;-) He/She makes a GREAT model ;-)

Darla said...

Jacque! I just checked in on your blog and am loving all your new stuff. Looks awesome! And you puppy is so dang cute.

Erin Cady said...

so shootsac's are cute, I'm so excited I got mine, but your puppy makes it heatbraking! He's so adorable! Love the shots :)