Wednesday, July 25, 2007

*Lovely Liz*

I have about a million other things that I should be blogging...But....
Today I headed out for two shoots and this was my second. I was afraid we'd get rained on, but we lucked out! I got home this evening and went to load the images onto my computer and just had to share :)
This is Liz:

We started out at the Wells Fargo 23rd Floor:

This just might be my favorite shot from the session, I just love her cage veil:Then we headed out to the streets at rush hour to get some funky shots:

I think Liz had about 30 men hit on her during our shoot! This stud was lucky enough to sneak into a picture :)

Some lovely evening light:
We finished up the shoot at a diner downtown that her neighbor owns:

Thanks so much Liz, can't wait to show you the rest of them!


nicole green said...

these are beautiful! i find it so funny how often i hear about random guys hitting on girls in wedding dresses! they're in their wedding dress, come on!! haha!

Anna Page Photography said...

Oh I love her dress! I think these shots are great and the locations mesh so well with her. Is that Lambs grill? I love that place and eat there a lot!

Mash said...

I love the sassy bride! These are great!