Thursday, September 06, 2007

*Rob & Katie*

Rob and Katie, and her mom Deon met with me a while back about their wedding. They explained that it would be very fun and full of detials, and that they wanted nothing but fun and expressive images. I loved the details! From the cotton candy machine to the crazy cake... it was all great.

Some favorites:

This next shot is inspired by Rebekah (thanks girl!)

Final touch-up of makeup before the reception:
The reception was in Rob's neighbor's backyard. This wasn't a backyard in my opinion... it was much BIGGER than any yard I have ever seen!

Fun group shot:

This little cutie loved two things: Cotton candy & my camera

Thank you!


Mash said...

I love how this bride had fun with her wedding! I love that ring shot! Awesome work!

Anonymous said...

This is the way weddings and pictures should be. Colorful, fun, and memorable.
Love them all.

nicole green said...

that cake is crazy! i loove it! :)

Kellee Smith said...

The ring shot is beautiful, and I also love the cake shot. Great wedding!