Sunday, September 23, 2007

{ Trevor & Heather }

I loved Heather & Trevor's wedding! She was very set on creating a vintage style wedding. She chose the Chantilly Mansion in Layton which was sooooo cute! I had never shot there before and I just loved the getting ready rooms. The light came through the windows perfectly everywhere which is so gorgeous!
A few of my favorites from the day:
This on I have above on my header, I just love it!! Heather decided to draw a heart on the mirror with her lipstick - so we took the photo op!

The beautiful bouquet, complete with her grandmothers brooch:
Cute little ring bearer:

These bridesmaids were dead set on getting that bouquet!


Alisha said...

Oh girlie these ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love your new header too!

We have to plan a lunch date ;-)

Mash said...

EW!! I love the new look! I just love this vintage style reception center! Cute couple & Awesome shooting!!

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