Wednesday, October 03, 2007

*Micah & Tawni*

Two weekends ago I had the opportunity to photograph Micah & Tawni's wedding day. These two crack me up! They are so in love and are just so darn cute!
They had a beautiful setting on thier wedding day... starting at the Salt Lake Temple, then the Lion House, then the Joseph Smith building. Just stunning locations all day!
Note: The ring shot on the top right of my blog header is Tawni's ring.... its amazing!
Some favorites:

These two have so much fun together. Things got a little crazy when family and friends were telling them to 'loosen up'.

Tawni was so sweet when she said she wanted a picture with me! I didn't mind.... other than the fact that I am windblown and look like to a stunning bride...

These two can do no wrong:

Thank you so much Micah and Tawni! I hope you had a great Honeymoon!


Kim said...

STUNNING, breathtaking, and all that...!

Deidre Lynn said...

I stumbled across your website from OSP - and WOW I seriously just love your stuff. Awesome awesome awesome.

Best of luck in all you do!