Monday, October 22, 2007

Im back!

Ok, so I am home now from Washington and have been going non-stop. I have been bad not to visit my blog!
I will be posting some wedding, family, and bridal images soon, but for now here are a couple fun pics. Logan and I went and hiked the runs at alta and got our first runs of the season in, that was a LOT of work!


Jeff & Kerstin said...

Oh my gosh Jacque! This is the most beautiful pic I have EVER seen of you!!!!!!!!!!! E-mail me that pic!
Wow - just look at those sun rays!

Alisha said...

Oh YAY...glad you're home! LOVE that pic of you. SAWEET shot girlie!!!!!!!

Mash said...

Awesome!! I just love these pictures of you two!! Can't wait to see the rest of your artwork you've painted with that camera of yours!! :o)

nicole green said...

glad you're back! :) i can't wait to see all the new posts. :)