Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beautiful Jillian

Jillian's mom contacted me last month, last minute, to shoot her wedding on the 15th. We had just enough time to squeeze in a bridal session and I am SO glad we did! She is incredibly beautiful and photogenic, and so much fun to work with!
You just can't go wrong.

My favorites:









I adore this next image:



Jillian has some of the most beautiful honey colored eyes!



Mash said...

What a beautiful bride! Love that favorite image of yours too!! Thank you for the eye candy! Awesome!!

Amie Steele said...

These are stunning! She is gorgeous, love her hair!! Beautiful work as usual!

Holly said...

Love them all! That black and white photo of her is especially stunning! Great work, as always!

Brooke said...

that second one slight dof everything! yum

Darla said...

Love them! What a beautiful bride!

Lisa said...

Hi! Random blog stocker here. I love checking out your beautiful photos from time to time. Just wondering, what do you shoot with?

Melissa Suzanne said...

So, you don't know me, but you are such a talented photographer! I always love the lighting you capture. I did the flowers for Khristen's wedding last weekend, and I can't wait to see the pictures you got! You're great!

Kellee Smith said...

These are just beautiful. The crispness of some of them are outstanding! Great work!

Chelo Keys said...

I love the shot by the exchange! It's beautiful.

Vanessa said...

So i have just started looking at your blog...and I love it! You do an amazing job! I am loving #3! Well actually all of them are great, and what a beautiful girl.

Anna Page Photography said...

So lovely. Especially the third one. An amazing portrait.

Alisha E. said...

She is GOR-JUSS!!!!!!!!! Fantastic session. You did an AMAZING job!