Monday, April 27, 2009

Tonight - Collin & Ashley

As I was loading these on to my computer tonight these few caught my eye. I love them! Ashley, you looked stunning. 
Of course there will be more.






Oakstream Photography said...

HOLY STUNNING FOR SURE! SHEESH O SHEESH!!!!! You rock!!! Love these o sooo much!

I can't wait to meet you either! Just a few weeks! YAY!!!!

Mash said...

What a stunning couple! As always, I can't pick a favorite! Your work is incredible! Thanks again for the eye candy!

Photography By Shay said...

Oh that last one is SO beautiful!!

Utah Bride Blog said...

Love her dress... can't wait to see more!

Aubrey H said...

Hey Jacque! My name is Aubrey...I'm Kerstin's cousin! I was wandering and your pictures are amazing! Could you tell me where you took this couple...where is that's gorgeous!!!! Thanks!!

Kari Dawson Photography said...

Gorgeous couple and really great work! You've got talent!