Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Fall

There is a crisp bite in the air, a little bit of frost on the rooftops, and the leaves are changing. I LOVE fall. Everything about it. I love the feel of the heater turning on, hot coffee in the morning, Starbucks pumpkin spice latte, and also ANYTHING else pumpkin.

What else comes with fall? The crappy flu. And I have it :( I am here on the couch trying to get a few things done on my laptop but I feel useless.

One other thing that I love that comes with fall is I get to switch my wardrobe!!! I love sweaters, scarves, Uggs, and hats. This morning before I took her out to potty, I swear Bobbi begged me to let her wear her fall sweater, just to show our neighbor doggies just how fashionable she is.

Here's to fall!




Lenni said...

Jacque, you make me smile. :) Feel better soon!!

Anonymous said...

How do you get her to be photogenic? I can't have Bailey sit still for me to take a good picture of her. I love the pictures that you take. They are absolutely breathtaking and they are very creative.

Jacque Lynn said...

Cassy - She really is just such a big poser. I promise! I pull out the camera and she hams it up. It kills me.

Lenni- Always here for a smile :)