Tuesday, February 19, 2008


As many of you know I am an avid dog lover and have a HUGE place in my heart for them! One of my favorite photographers (from So. Cal) Anna Kuperberg has started a blog called slobberspace and I absolutely adore it! Its purely dedicated to all the glory and cuteness that is dogs :)
Im just going to steal one image from there to show you her talent.... but go HERE to see the rest!!
I have also decided that I need to photograph things just for fun once in a while, so I will be posting a dog photo of the week!

Photograph by Anna Kuperberg

And here is MY first dog photo of the week! We'll start with my pup Bobbi!


Mash said...

What a cute shot of Bobbie!! I love it!! Also I love your friends new slobberspace idea!

Dennis Bullock said...

Oh my gosh Bobbi is so cute. I need to squeeze him!

Anna Page Photography said...

Thanks for the link to that girls blog. Your dog is so adorable!