Thursday, May 22, 2008

Where do I work?

A lot of people like to know 'where do you do your work?'. Well, I have my fun little office in my house, thats where :)
I'll tell you straight up that I get stir crazy and wish I had people to converse with other than my furry friend Bobbi. Don't get me wrong, she's great to talk to about pink squeaky toys and what we want for lunch... but regular human interaction is truly missed!
Anyways, here is where I spend a good part of my day editing, album designing, and stressing out.
I will say that it is quite nice having an office now. Before Logan and I moved in together at the end of last year I worked on my kitchen table in my one room apartment, thank god we're past that!

My desk


Where clients sit (notice my canvas that you all voted on a while back)


I decided to print the sexy image of Haley & Shane to go in the frame above my desk, I love!



Where the magic happens... :)



blair said...

SUCH a SEXY office.
You should do marketing/photo classes!

Brooke said...

quite the change! love it j

Sherry Ward said...

I agree... sexy office! Totally jealous! LOVE IT!

Angie Monson said...

oh man this makes me jealous, what a cute set up.

Rebekah said...

It's great! I love it!

Alisha E. said...

Oh I love your office. Wish I had such a cool office..haha! You would think being a photographer I'd have pictures in my office..haha..UM NOPE!!!!! Come be my designer :-)

Teresa said...

It looks amazing!!

The frames holding the images above the desks are beautiful - are they store bought or handmade? :)

Anna Page Photography said...

This totally inspires me to clean MY office. It's seriously a sty. Nice job!