Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Preview - For Anne Marie

Anne Marie,
Here is a preview of your wonderful family session tonight! I think we came out with some GREAT stuff. A few gooseaches, dirt in the mouth, and two kids ready for bed too :) 

Thanks again! Your family is so beautiful.







Mash said...

What a darling family!! Great shooting!! Love em all!! :o)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures...I think you mean "gooseEGGS" though. That's what you get when you bump your head.

Blush said...

great job..I cant lie its soooo weird to see you with family work hahaha but you rocked it

Mike and Joy said...

Oh, beautiful! What a pretty family.

Kim said...

The shot of mom on the grass...stunning! I went to jr. high with the papa...and the mama is good friends with one of my friends. They are GORGEOUS...you work stuns me. Beautiful.