Monday, February 02, 2009

Taylor Andrews

As part of my new years goals, I decided that I wanted to branch out a little more on my shooting style. Not just weddings and couples anymore! I love to shoot so many different things. 
Taylor Andrews Academy of hair design hired me to shoot their models for the NAHA awards (North American Hairstyling Awards). 
Although I can't actually show you the images they submitted, here are some of the others we got that day.
If you ask me I think they have some pretty dang good stuff. Hot.









Kayleen T. Photography said...

Hi my name is Kayleen. I just came across your blog. These are CRAZY-good! I love them all!

Mash said...

These are to die for!! Awesome work! Thanks for the eye candy once again! :o)

Kari Dawson Photography said...

these are awesome. i love the dramatic lighting.

Gabriel Boray said...

Hi, I'm an oil painter living in Burlington, Vermont and I blog at I was finishing up a new piece and taking a break, bouncing around the arts links and ended up here. Your work is stunning. As you continue to branch out, I'll look forward to seeing more. Also, visit the photography of Ash LaRose- I'm sure you'll love her work. You can check it out at

Anna Page Photography said...

Holy crap! These are amazing. Nice work!

Jordan said...

I love the second to last one, its a killer pose. These are great!

Kim said...

Love this, so totally cool.

William Kazak said...

Nice stuff. I like the side headshot with the low shoulder the best.