Sunday, August 12, 2007

Im Home!

After a WONDERFUL trip to Washington state I am home :) It was such a beautiful place to be and I will soon have pictures for you all to see!

In the meantime, ladies and gentlemen, a teaser from Saleena and Jim's wedding. They had the most beautiful wedding in Kirkland, WA and I was so happy to capture it! Saleena really put her heart and soul into this wedding and I can really tell she is so in love with Jim.

It is now 11:22 PM and I am TIRED! Keep checking back for the rest of the wedding day images :) Glad to be home!


Mash said...

I'm in shock you actually posted something after that flight! Can't wait to see what you captured!

Alisha said...

Welcome home ;-) Beautiful shot! Can't wait to see more! Love the comp on this!!!!

rod @ US Parts Center said...

Hey, I was at Jim and Saleena's wedding and saw a piece of equipment on top of your flash can you tell me what that was and were to find it?

jacque lynn photography said...

Hi Rod! Its called a lightsphere by Gary Fong.

Dustin Izatt said...

welcome back, destination weddings are a lot of work aren't they? and at the same time, soooo much fun. Congrats