Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jake and Linzey are married!

As I approached the White Chapel in Salt Lake City I knew it was going to be a wonderful day! I walked in this little chapel and admired all of the beautiful natural light flooding in the windows. I had never shot here before and was very extatic to be so lucky! Linzey and Jake are two of a kinda and such wonderful people. I loved their huge backyard reception and fun atmosphere.

Some favorites:

Beautiful Linzey getting the final touches:

The fabulous gals:

Sharing a moment on the stairs:
No wedding is complete without the ring shot:
Instead of a traditional cake, they opted for a Yankees cake and cupcakes! Yum!

A detail of Linzey's necklace:

Off to Honeymoon!


Kim said...

She is SO beautiful, I think I went to school with her...such great shots as always! Love to come here and see!

Shellee Draper said...

Hey Jacque, I have been watching your blog lately and I just had to comment this time. I LOVE your work! You do such a great job. Very impressive!

Dustin Izatt said...

Though I wasn't there, I know that you were wearing a yellow shirt :P hahaha. I only know that because of your reflection in that first shot.

Alisha said...

Love her hair! She's beautiful & you have some awesome images ;-)

Dustin...what an eye...I didn't even notice that & I had to go back & look...haha! Too funny!