Monday, August 20, 2007

*Saleena & Jim*

Yay! I am finally posting my Washington wedding! Saleena and Jim are just amazing, and I loved how everything turned out! Saleena is actually my step-sister who I have only met a few times but she is just a beautiful person inside and out, I love her. She put so much thought into this wedding and everything was just perfect. I apologize for the images being out of order, but it is late and I don't want to sort them!

Dress detail:

Saleena is a jeweler, so you better bet this bracelet is pure DIAMONDS!

I adore the excitement on her face after the ceremony!

Looking down on the guests before the ceremony begins:

My two nephews (who are older than I am!) walking her down the aisle:

This officiant was AMAZING, she really put her heart into the ceremony and made it so personal:

I just have to brag, these are my wonderful parents! (Dad, I just realised you are wearing the tie I bought you, Love it!)

A little fun with grain/texture:


First glance before the ceremony:
Love this one of Saleena and her flower girl:

Beautiful little flower girl:
We're Married!

If you STILL haven't had enough of Saleen and Jim, you can see the slideshow I put together of their day. Love you guys!


Wynona said...

Oh, I love that ring shot! And her dress, wow.

Saleena said...

Jacque, I love the pictures you are not only a wonderful sister but a awesome photographer. love you, Saleena