Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Woodbury Family

A couple weeks ago one of my best friends, Kerstin, contacted me to do her family pictures. I was thrilled! I had done holiday images of her and her husband Jeff last year, but it was so great to shoot her whole family this time! Kerstin is one of the most kind and giving people I know, and I am so grateful to have her as a friend.

Here are a few favorites:


The whole family:

I adore this one of her, her mom, and her sister:

Mike & Sharra, I love this image:

Kerstin with her husband Jeff:

I had to have a picture with this gorgeous chick:Yet another wonderful thing in Kerstin's life, she and Jeff just bought a new home! Here they are on their front porch. This house is amazing!
Thanks so much Kerst, I love ya.


Mash said...

I just love these pictures of Kerstin & her family!! How fun!! Okay, this time, I'm going to pick my favorite!! :o) I like the close up of the Woodbury family leaning on the banister of the bridge, closer up!! Love the composition!! What a fun group!

Jeff & Kerstin said...

You are the sweetest friend in the world Jacque!! I adore everything about you, and I am quite honored to have had my family pictures done by the best photographer I know! I have already had people as me for your contact information, so hopefully they will call.
Your kind words truly made my day - I'm lucky to have a friend like you!

Darla said...

I love these family pics! I cant imagine how they are going to choose!

Jeff & Kerstin said...

Thank you "Mash"! (Jacque's Mom)
You are TOO kind! Your daughter is very talented, as I know you know. ;o)

Kellee Smith said...

Beautiful family, beautiful colors, and beautiful composition. I love them all! Great job...

Dennis Bullock said...

I love the fall colors and light. Good Stuff