Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Im a bad blogger! I totally slacked on getting Anitra & Matthew's wedding posted a couple months ago. I loved this wedding! They had been engaged a long time and contacted me right at the first of it, so I feel like it has been a whole year of building a friendship. All of thier family is completely amazing.
Speaking of amazing, lets talk about how special Anitra and Matt's love is. The were meant for eachother no doubt. Anitra is legally blind, seeing only a pinhole in front of her. Matthew was in a horrific accident 5 years ago that nearly killed him. They take care of eachother and have that love that you just don't see all that often anymore. Its truly wonderful!

Here are a few favorites from the day:

Anitra has a million dollar smile, its perfect:
Lighting the unity candle:

These two are just too dang cute:

The day of their wedding was the first day this year that it decided to rain and dump snow on Utah. They weren't about to let that ruin their beautiful pictures at Millennial Falls, so we gathered an entourage to carry umbrellas:

I try my hardest not to cry at weddings, but behind this images is a teary eyed photographer:

Anitra shakin' it at the end of the night, love it:

Thank you Romero's!

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Mash said...

What a special couple!! You captured their love perfectly, even with your tear filled eyes!! You are truly amazing! Thank you for sharing!!