Friday, March 28, 2008

Oh Baby!!

Yesterday was like Christmas at my house!!! I finally got what I have been saving for :) I got my new 5D body, 24-70L lens, and my 28 1.8 lens. I wanted to hug and knock over the UPS man when he delivered this:






The first image shot with my new camera. I am in LOVE


Kim said...

Ooo I am so jealous. Have fun, I have the 28-70 Nikon and it is my best friend!

Brooke said...

oh yea so happy for you! what ya gonna name him or her hahaha

Dennis Bullock said...


Kara May said...

Oh... it was love at 'first click' for me too. It's a fabulous purchase - so worth every penny! Enjoy!

Shellee Draper said...

I just beamed reading this entry. I sooo know that feeling when the ups man delivers your new stuff! It's awesome. I got so much new stuff last year and not as much this year so I'm living vicariously through you this year I guess! I did get a cool new light!

Amie Steele said...

my 5d and 24-70 lens are seriously glued together...It is my favorite combo....have fun, can't wait to see your images from it!