Monday, April 21, 2008

Where was I this weekend?

I spent end of the week, and weekend in California! I was there shooting Stephanie and Jeremy's wedding in Wine Country. I have never seen so many vineyards in all my life!! It is such a beautiful place.


I landed in San Francisco and spent Friday there. Here was my lunch...





What an amazing thing the Golden Gate is, WOW.


Here is the vineyard/inn where the wedding was held


And one shot of my bride and groom! More images of the wedding to come.



Alisha E. said...

How awesome girlie. That is one of MANY I want to visit!!!!! Beautiful.

Nice lunch ;-)

Sherry Ward said...

I love love LOVE this place! You lucky girl! Can't wait to see the wedding images!

Chelo Keys said...

Very nice. Can't wait to see the rest!

I've never been but would love to go- looks beautiful.

Piper Pix said...

I love the picture of the bridge it is amazing!

Cheyenne Schultz said...

How fun! I'm from California and after these pics, am so ready to go back for a visit! Love those shots of the golden gate!

blair said...

You need to update more! I get all excited seeing tons of your work, and then you're like "Will add the rest later" and you never do :(

Rebekah said...

That looks like tons of fun!! What a great place to shoot the wedding.